Friday, July 24, 2009

Aw Yes, Back to the Ole Days

Well, parkour has finally kicked back in. Especially since I can drive now. I have been able to go more places and do more parkour. Mike and Scott came down so we got to go downtown again! I was really pumped. I was just trying some new things. So the day started off pretty well overall. We went to the river and did parkour on the rocks. That in fact was really good exercise! I would never have thought. We got pretty tired doing it too. I was sweating really hard and doing jumps I would have never tried before. I may get some footage later on to show what we did, but it was pretty extreme. Mike screwed up his ankle on a jump but he'll be okay. So after our river raid we headed downtown again. Aw yes, down town, full of memories. So many good parkour spots. So yeah, we began at the museum and went behind it to a decent spot. It was pretty fun and got some good practice in. Next we proceeded to go to the library and park. We got out and headed to the famous parking garage. We did a few little jumps on the way up. Mike was a little too weak to go all the way up jumping across. So then we got to the top. Mike showed us his skill jumping over the top as always, then we decided to work our way up. I really wanted to do it, but there was a guy on top sitting in a car watching. Plus, it's quite frightening although easily make-able. So we tried it over the stairs so if we did in fact mess up, it'd only be a four foot fall. So Scott got it easy and so did I. So after a little while I got quite suspicious with the guy in the truck. He ended up driving down, but I could still hear his car. Something was wrong. We saw a cop parked across the street at a bank. That was too close for us. So we started going down the stairs. We got to the third level and there was that truck again. Weird dude. So we walked one more level down, and there was the cop. Watching us from his car as we walked down the stairs. What do you do? Well we did some parkour and got out of the garage and kept walking. We weren't doing anything super bad anyways so I wasn't too worried. So Mike went to the car while Scott and I went up the sidewalk. As we reached about half way we saw him pull our way out of the garage. Uh-0h. So Scott and I continued to walk and joke as if nothing was wrong. Right as we hit the sidewalk turned, he pulled out in front of us and jumped out of his car. "Two things boys, number one: I could take you both to jail for trespassing. Secondly:..." And I don't quite remember what he said. But the rest of the conversation sounded a bit like this.

Cop: "How old are yall?"
Austin: "I'm 15"
Cop: "Do you have any identification?"
Austin: "No sir."
Scott: "Well, I.."
Austin: (Interrupting) "Not with us."
Cop: "Where are yall going?"
Austin: "Just walking around."
Cop: "Yall were up in the garage jumping the gap."
Austin: "We were doing what is called Parkour, do you know what that is?"
Cop: (Blankly stares at me)
Austin: "Okay, no, I guess not."
Cop: "Yall need to stay off government property is that clear?"
Austin: "Yes sir, I'm so sorry."
Cop: "If you see your little buddy you need to tell him too."
Austin: "Yes sir, and I'm really sorry. It won't happen again. Promise."
(Cop races off to go find Mike but clearly goes the wrong way.)

Scott and I decided not to go to the car just yet. There were more cops around and if they followed us and found Mike it wouldn't be good. The fact that we are young got us out of trouble, and he had no way to prove it was us. Not that they would really do anything. Taking us to jail would do nothing. And besides, they can't even prove we did anything. And even if they did, the judge would totally think we were wasting his time. "These boys were jumping the parking garage gap." Yeah, that'll get a big fine. Not. People are to over dramatic. I can't believe someone would resort to calling the cops. Lame. Anyways, Scott and I went to Finley park and walked around then meet up with Mike and left. Went to Chick-Fil-A and got some food. Went home. Later that day we were watching parkour videos and decided to go to the ascot park during a light rain shower. It was eventful and good. And then our day was basically over. Aw, good times good times. Well, it's back to the good ole days.

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