Saturday, September 26, 2009

You miss me??

Even though there is literally maybe one person who has even glanced at this blog, I still feel as though I should type up what's going on in order to keep up with my training when I look back and track it. What's going on now? Well just about everything you can imagine. I've been training by myself for a long time now. My brother is at college so I have a lot of time to kill....a lot of time. So I killed about five hours today by going out and practicing. Even though it was raining. It didn't bother me. And I had some fantastic spills. In fact I have pictures to go along with my description of it...but no video :(. So the first one began with a very large jump I'm making to a cat leap. It's gonna be intense when I get it...but anyways. It's a lonnnng jump, especially when everything is wet. So here is the jump. Hope you can see it well. It's from the brown steps to the rock wall. It's pretty long...but totally possible. So anyways I tried it a few times coming up short because I was scared to go super fast because of the rain. So the last time I decided to go for it. I may be bad at math...but here we go...
(Rain x objects) + Slippery shoes= Slip? Well I guess I decided to take my chances anyways. So I went for it, and my foot slipped all the way across the stairs and I basically levitated parallel to the ground half way there then came down on my hands and was pretty cool. The second crash was much worse but ten times funnier and I really wish I had it on film but I don't so I am super sorry. But anyways. I was randomly doing front handsprings for fun. I don't know why, probably because I'm working on a legit video with my best moves on it (shhhhh....) it's totally a secret. But I was trying everything I could. So I did it and landed it twice. So the last time I tried I bailed. But it was the coolest bail I could've done... I did a 180 twist in the air (I was kinda pumped) but since I changed the momentum, my feet missed the ground and landed on my back. It was so cool I didn't even care that it hurt. It was so funny. I laughed for a few seconds hoping the girls on the tennis court hadn't seen it. I don't think they did. But this is what the jump looked like. And if you look closely you can see my body outline...but not really. The dark spots are from my constant landings. But it was a very high front handspring. But I've been working on a lot. Done some new parkour moves and new freerunning stuff. I've gotten way better at my handstands. I can walk down stairs and finally stay in one spot for awhile. It's been going well and I'm a lot stronger now in my shoulders. I've just started getting more serious about it. I love it! Practicing everyday feels good. And I'm in better shape because of it. But to get in good shape you have to keep moving. I have a new mindset on how to do it also. If I see something that's possible, I try it. I stopped saying, "maybe another day". I started pushing the limits, but still staying safe. I finally learned that bailing doesn't hurt. Which I think is do to wrestling and having to learn how to land correctly in any situation. So I guess that doesn't apply to everyone. I bailed on a backflip one time because I was tired. It didn't hurt but it scared me at the time. I haven't bailed on one of those in awhile, but it's understandable, I mean everyone falls sometimes. Even the best, like Cane Armitage's new video Adrenaline. Great video. But I am filming a new video to keep you updated on my training. Should be good. I am really looking forward to filming it because I finally have a lot of new things to put in it. So hope to put that out soon. Catch up with yall later.

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