Sunday, January 4, 2009

Goals for 2009

I feel like if I set goals for myself, I will have a better chance of accomplishing things. So this year I am making a little list for myself so that I can achieve bigger and better things. The first two months will be a little slow since I have to finish wrestling season but after that it should pick up. I may take a tumbling class or something to make sure I get all the practice and training I can. I am putting them in steps so when I have them down pat I can move on. So with that said, here's my goals.

Conditioning Training
*Sprint/Jog- 2 Min Sprint/ 1 Min jog - 30 Minutes Total Every Other day.
*Push ups- 50 a day
*Wall Push ups- 20 a Day
*Sit ups- 50 then go right into 3 Minutes of 6 Inches
*Pull Ups- Work on each day and build up to 25 in one go.
*Curl Ups- " "
*When practicing keep moving no matter what.

Nutrition Goals
*Eat Healthily.
*One dessert every other day

Move Goals

Step 1
*Wall flip solid
*Round off back handspring
*Kick the moon

Step 2
*Back handspring to back tuck
*Gainer off something

Step 3
*Round off-back hand spring-back tuck
*Full off something

Step 4
*Review all steps

Step 5
*Get solid tumbling (series moves)

Step 6
*Perfect Moves & have all outside

Step 7
*Create new goals

Along with all those goals I want to practice parkour everyday and get better and more fluent. This will be tough putting myself on a schedule but it's just adding a little structure to something out of control as of right now. As my friends cousin said, I need to be tamed because I'm here then I'm there and I do whatever I feel like with no structure.

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