Saturday, December 27, 2008

Starting Out

I noticed something recently when my brother was talking about us going to the gym while he was hurt. He said something like this "Well I don't want to go to the gym, I can't do anything so you'll get ahead of me and I'll have to catch back up." There are a few things wrong with this statement. Number one is that you can get ahead in moves but that's not what's important (especially since it's freerunning). Number two is that everyone should go at their own pace and we seem to have this whole competition thing going on, which helps, but at the same time it is kind of messing up the whole "your own path" thing. This New Year's Eve I am having a get together at the playground I always practice at just to get people into parkour. When I thought about what we were going to do I started thinking about teaching moves. I begun to think "Well he should be good at parkour". This, I think, is a big mistake in the motives. Anyone can do parkour. Isn't there more to parkour than just the moves though? Yes, there is so much more. It is about mindset, physical ability, and then the moves. (That's in no order). These things go hand in hand if you want to become a traceur. What makes a traceur? Anyone can be a traceur. Anyone can be good at parkour if they try and since there is no team or coach to decide who is good. A traceur is much more than a few skillful moves. I remember Will and I were out training and some of our friends showed up. They started trying to do what we do. Will and I laughed at first because they aren't in great physical shape. To my surprise they actually could do some moves. I was impressed, and quite embarassed. Luckily Will could do a backflip so we beat them there. I started thinking, "well if everyone can do these moves, what makes me a traceur and not them?" Well not only do I train everyday I can, I practice overcoming obstacles physically and mentally. I build my strength and if I can't do something I work at it until I can. Persistance is a good word for a traceur. Traceurs don't let the world hold them back, they push themselves to the limit to accomplish great physical ability and in the process they are becoming mentally strong. I know a few guys who started parkour, and their very first practice they filmed themselves and uploaded it. Now, it wasn't that they filmed it that bothered me. It was that they thought it was cool. When another one of my friends did that, he did it to see how much he would improve. I think that's somewhat of a good motive. Filming overall I don't think is good for the traceur. It messes with their head and makes it a competition and everyone starts telling you, you are bad at parkour and then you get depressed and such and it just isn't worth it. I do like filming my experiences and such but I wish I wouldn't have done so many videos. Unless it is a one time thing, like the up and coming New Year mini Jam. That's enough said though. Hope you all see what I am trying to explain. Happy New Year. May your training go well.
God Bless