Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Break just kicked off and I am already getting some great parkour practice in. I didn't have a wrestling tournament this weekend so I hung out with will and we went out and did parkour all day. I have started working on more training and building strength. I don't have any rock walls or anything like that to work on grip, so I settled for trees. There are these trees in my back yard that are good for jumping back and forth and climbing. I tore up my hands and made them really tough. Will says I look like a monkey which is actually how I felt. Well, I didn't feel like a monkey but I was as smooth as one. I also worked on rolling on concrete. It was very painful on my hips. The next day I could barely sit in my desk. But that's a sign that they will get stronger and soon I will be able to roll no problem. Handstands are coming along steadily. The picture at the top was actually one of my better ones. Mainly because I didn't want to fall because when I did I came crashing into bushes. But it was fun. I went back to my old torn up shoes for awhile because when I use them I have to try a lot harder so I won't slip. I am forced to have perfect technique, otherwise I fail miserably. I finally am eating healthier. I went on a bad food streak but it's over now. I am getting better slowly. More progress will be posted later. MERRY CHRISTMAS and God Bless.

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