Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well it's almost time I release my one year celebration of my blog!! I've been waiting for this forever. I've always wanted to say I've been doing parkour for a year. I've come up with the title of my movie. It's called breeze (if you didn't guess by the title of this blog). Wonder why? Well the breeze on a hot summer day cools you off and is very peaceful, it flows around bars, walls, and roofs without a flaw. You can't stop wind. I just like the idea of flowing like the breeze. Besides it is a "cool" word. Hahahah that's punny. Sorry. Had to say it. Anyways, I will be making this in honor of my one year parkour anniversary. Parkour and Freerun training has been put on halt till after my wrestling season. My friend George (our teams best wrestler) got hurt while doing a aerial and was out for awhile. It scared my coaches and they banned us from doing "stupid stuff" during wrestling season. I would normally be very upset about this but wrestling is a great workout and makes you in great shape. After that I'm doing soccer. That should get my legs stronger and get me in good running shape. It is all physical training that I really needed. David Belle spends a lot of his time training his body. That's basically what I'm doing. Just in a different way. So when I get back to training, I'll be in crazy shape. I should be back at the gym training freerunning very very soon. I really like freerunning although I used to be against it. It teaches great body control and really makes you overcome your fears. Parkour should kick back up right after that though. So it'll be great training the next year or parkour. Hope training is going well for everyone else!!


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