Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Year Down, A lifetime to go.

Well, my one year anniversary came and went. It was a great day. Mike and I went to new spots downtown (movie coming later when we get more footage). It was a good day. I am getting better at parkour slowly. As I reviewed my footage, I noticed my moves were no longer smooth. There was a ton of fear in me, and I was going to fast on moves that don't require speed. So I learned a parkour lesson today. I decided not to play soccer. I am going straight to more parkour training. It'll be hard to do this in between school and studying but I'll find time. I have found new spots (no not new playgrounds but good joke!). So, after this weekend (which I have lower state wrestling) I will be done with wrestling so I won't be wrestling anymore and I'll take a break from that for awhile. Let my body rebuild itself so I'll be stronger. I need to improve my eating habits though. Ice cream, cookies, cake, and so many other things have become daily desserts. I get a lot of excercise so I work it off. But I still need to cut it out. I think I'll limit myself to two desserts a week. Good? Good. This will help me not stunt my growth and get my body in better shape. I also have been slacking off on weekends. I can't start practicing (maybe Sunday) but it may be a day of rest for me. (Since the Lord does command it....) Kyle is also back into parkour so he will HOPEFULLY keep us updated with that (hint..hint..) haha. I can't continue just reading my blog. I gotta see other people's progress. I still have yet to go to the playground to practice. It has become nothing now. Kind of depressing. But I will keep going. I have to travel a bit more if I want to get a good safe practice in. But it is all part of the journey. The journey to become physically and mentally stronger. I will be making my one year video quite soon, I was trying to get it done to quickly and ran out of time to put it out there on the one year day. That's okay though. It will be a lot better since I am waiting a bit. Kyle recently mentioned practicing alone and I agree that it is a lot better. I got a lot better a long time ago by practicing alone. It was all day everyday. Now I will do that more often. Or at least not associate for awhile if I go with anyone. I felt awkward doing moves in front of Mike. (My own cousin and I feel awkward, lame) So I didn't reach my full potential. I am actually finding great parkour music that I listen to while training. When you listen to music it focuses your mind on something else and puts you in rhythm. This truly helps you when overcoming fear. My method is listen and repeat the move about 10 times. Take out the headphones, concentrate and execute it again. Otherwise you can only do it with the music. Use different songs to or you get to into a pattern with the song and it is unatural without the song. This is a very useful training method for those who aren't about peace with nature and stuff. I like either focusing on my physical ability and concentrating, thinking about my walk with the Lord, or complete rythm focused. That's about all I have as far is today's updates. Hope all your training is going well! God Bless.

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