Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful Day For Pondering!

Well, with the lovely weather outside (and me being stuck in a classroom) I began thinking about parkour. Now my thoughts went pretty deep into many things but there was one that really stuck out to me. I was shown this video of David Belle falling and it showed me the true side of parkour and how it is all about falling and getting back up and so on (just watch this to understand DAVID BELLE FALL). So anyways I began pondering about failing to do something right in parkour and screwing up. As I thought about this, I began to think about all the moves I would try when I got back to the gym and when my mouth healed. (Wisdom teeth surgery). One move came to mind that I thought would be incredibly challenging to me. (Inward Wall Flip) But then I thought about how I would accomplish it. Well, it is so simple. Trial and Error. How do you learn a move? Practicing it over and over till you get it. When I began learning front flips, it took me at least two tries to even get a decent one. But each time I got closer and closer. I fell and it hurt, but that is how I taught myself. So in all this thinking, I got an idea (wow, an idea while thinking!). Well people often think parkour is so easy and anyone can do it. I decided I'm going to make a video all about my mistakes and attempts. Next time I go to try a move, I'm going to film it. I want to show everyone that I make mistakes. This is another way of conquering fear. I must confront it head on to beat fear. You can't ambush fear, he can always hear you breathing behind the door. If you approach fear head on, then he is useless. He can do nothing to hurt you. Then it is all about physical ability. Why do people mess up on a wall back flip? Because they are super scared. A wall flip isn't hard. It is pretty much easier than a normal backflip. So why can no one do it? It is all about fear and trusting that you will make it! So in order to make this video I want to be in the right mind set! I want to walk up to that wall or that mat and say "I don't know if I can do this move, but I'm willing to find out." That is the parkour mindset. Being able to say "Let's do it." Instead of, "Here goes nothing" because that never ends well. (Normally with a scream and a broken leg). The movie will be called "Attempts", and I suggest you watch it when I'm finished. Hopefully I'll inspire many to try all the moves they have never tried. Failing isn't a bad thing. It is when you close your mind to moves when things will go down hill for you. Open your mind, clear your head, and go for it! All the moves will be something I've never done before, making it completely original and for a good purpose. Good training to all of you!

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traceur4ever said...

great video. and he bounces back up so fast!

i like this, btw.
it's an excellent thought.