Sunday, March 15, 2009

Previous Poetry

Well, I had this sitting on my night stand for over 3 months. Thought I'd put it on since Kyle did one, so I don't feel completely gay I wrote this.

Leap of Faith

My thoughts echo in my head
"You can do this" I said,
The fear strapped me to the floor
"Only other way down is that door"

I glanced over the edge
Not far from the other ledge
Taking a deep breath I began to pace
I knelt down and tightened my lace

And I went off like a gun
My feet barely touched the ground
Then there was no sound

My breath was held tight
I had won the mental fight
rolling out from the sky
I burst out with a sigh

Looking back at where I'd once been
I could see the men
Their smiling faces
had gotten me to these places

Once so far away
were now here to stay
here and now
we traceurs take our bow.

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